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HAPPY BIRTHDAY padme_370! [Duygu!]
Have an awesome day sweetie.

I hope you had an awesome day!

okay now serious.
you might think i'm dead but i'm not!
i just don't have time for updating my LJ.=/
you can cut me if you want i might update later but i really don't know when i'll have time. so i'll totally understand.
take care!xoxo.
OC ~ Taylor+Ryan

38 icons.

Omg i passed Physic can i get a yaaaaaaaaaaaay?!
Anyway main subject of the post is icons!
It's a small batch but..!=)

16  Actresses (Emily Browning.Clemence Poesy.Leighton Meester.Rachel Bilson.Sophia Bush.Hilarie Burton.Zooey Deschanel)
7  Actors (Hayden Christensen.Jim Sturgess)
9 Music (The Veronicas.Amy Winehouse)
6 TV (One Tree Hill)


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